Winter-weight sleeping bag

 Last year with the cooler weather approaching our 3rd grandbaby, at nearly one year old, needed something warm for sleeping in. Mainly as he, like many babies, is a champion-blanket-kicker-offer!

I’d started making a sleeping bag for Mr Magoo as a summer-weight bag. Then life intervened!

One of the fronts – the outer fabric is 100% cotton and the lining, which you can see here and is actually a pale blue, is 100% cotton lawn. I’d sewed the shoulders of the backs and fronts together, of both outer fabric and lining, then tacked the two layers together.

The back fabric is 100% cotton broadcloth, a nice firm cotton, generally used in quilting I think. A good weight for squirmy little ‘uns! The pin marks the centre back.

I’d made some binding

Just out of the binding machine
The other side
Folded and ironed
Coiled up – just to keep it neat!

The place Mr Magoo was living in with his parents wasn’t the warmest at night so I decided to add a layer of merino between the two cotton layers. Which meant un-picking all my tacking! Ah, well, such is the life of a seamstress  😀

Here is the merino between the outer and lining fabric.

I had already applied the front bindings some time ago. That’s the ivory strip at the top of this photo. Which meant the shoulders were stitched together too. Hmmm. What’s a girl to do?  😕   Well, I probably should have taken the whole thing apart! If it was for sale I definitely would have. I was cheeky, though, and stitched the merino carefully to the lining only, with a small zig-zag stitch, just shy of where the binding was attached, around the neck edges, and either side of the shoulder seam. I figured Mr Magoo wouldn’t care, being only 11 months old, and you couldn’t tell from the outside.

It worked out well. It was a pretty colourful sleeping bag on the front, which is why I made the back plain.

And a close up view of the fabric – apologies for the poor quality!
I thought it was pretty cool fabric! It made me think of the the line, “Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!” by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  🙂

If you would like to you can see more of my sleeping bags here in a previous post.

Mr Magoo used it every night, but he has outgrown it now. It stood up to the washing machine well too. Always a plus.  🙂

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