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With the advent of baby #2 last year Moneypenny, my d-i-l, asked me to make a special naming day outfit for the wee one. Yes, the same gown could have been used but this time Moneypenny decided on a romper. It is from the same pattern as the gown. Moneypenny had found some lovely ivory coloured silk for the romper to be made from.

I was a tad nervous as I have not worked with silk much. Probably the closest is my taffeta jacket and I’m not sure if it is silk or a rayon taffeta. I guess a burn test might tell me  🙂 

Here are the two back pieces cut out and you can see, faintly, the marks for where the centre backs will meet. At the bottom is a small square of woven iron-on interfacing. There will more stress at this point and I didn’t want the silk to pull and rip. No, that’s not a grubby mark on the fabric at bottom left, I just hadn’t smoothed out the fabric properly!

The front, already stitched to the pleated lower section. I was really careful with handling and pressing. I didn’t want to ruin the fabric, and was not sure if it could be replaced if I did!

Backs pinned to the fronts at the shoulders. I kept the pins within the seam allowances as I’ve heard pins leave marks so I decided not to test it out on this! The marks can be worked out, but easier if I didn’t have to  🙂  You can see the interfacing more clearly in this photo.

I’ve attached the linings of the bodice, under-stitched all around the neck and then pressed. Also tacked the over/underlap together. The lining is a fine cotton lawn, which will be soft against baby’s skin, though singlets will be underneath. The edges of the photo . . . well, this is the reality of my cutting/working table when I’m in the zone. Pattern pieces, instructions, pens and tape measure strewn every which way!
The inside, showing the lining. I hand-stitched the lining to the seam allowance once the bodices were joined to the lower part of the romper. I didn’t get any more photos of the actual making . . . time pressure.

Some sweet flowers and ribbon bows for the front.

Here’s the finished romper from the front. Long sleeves, with the flower/ribbon combo and a length of ribbon to tie them with.

A closer view of the bottom of the sleeve.

A view from the back. This photo, and the last one, are after the naming day had happened and so wee Poppet had worn the romper, hence the crumpled look! At least it was pristine when it was worn  😀

I used clear snaps from Green Beans NZ as closures for the opening. I was careful putting these on as I have been known to put them on the wrong sides, and I wanted to make sure I got the over/underlap right all the way around! The lower leg is gathered into a cuff as you can see.

The self-fabric covered buttons. Tiny buttons and they are attached for show only. If I’d had more time I would have made hand-stitched buttonholes. I wasn’t game to use the buttonhole maker on the machine. It would have been sure to end badly! Maybe chewing up the silk  :-S  I put some snap fasteners on as the actual closures.


There you have it. I was really happy with the final result. Moneypenny was very happy and everyone oohed and ahhed over wee Poppet who was around 6 days old. And Poppet approved with the age old way baby’s have . . . she spilled some liquid gold (mama’s milk) on it!

A photo from earlier in the evening when Poppet was well wrapped up. Held by Mama with big sister, Sunshine, coming for a cuddle too. It’s a bit fuzzy, possibly because it is cropped.

I didn’t think I had a photo of Poppet in the romper only . . . but I had a look on the off chance. Here she is in Papa’s arms. Such sweetness. Time has flown by and Poppet is now a busy 12 month old!

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