Scarecrows and sashes

Over the years I’ve been asked by other dance mums to sew costumes for their children. Below is Miss A wearing her Scarecrow costume from a Wizard of Oz dance production.

Miss A’s mum provided the materials, patterns and sorted out the hat. Sewing the “straw” raffia was a new experience and Miss A and her mum were delighted with the result of the costume.

The sashes below were made for the boys in a Kapa Haka group. Kapa Haka groups perform Maori song and dance. Many of the schools in New Zealand have Kapa Haka groups that perform for their school and the wider commuity.

Detail of fabric on sash

Here are a couple of links to Kapa Haka performances. These are adults, however the children start learning when they are very young. Kapa Haka performance  and  Kapa Haka performance 2

That’s it for this post, I’m off to pick up some young uns from a movie.

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