Prince Charming Stitches;

What does a Prince do when he is waiting to go on stage? Well this time he did a bit of stitching!
The tights were worn by an older taller dancer last time. I had stitched them across the end of the foot, but as they were a bit tight for D I’d undone the stitching and overlocked the opening instead.

Brains decided he’d like them stitched closed again. Just as well I always take a sewing kit to concerts! I also had to safety pin up the stepmothers petticoat for her  😀

I stitched up one foot and then Brains asked if he could do the other. Sure! I’m never one to let a learning opportunity go by. As Brains said, “I need to know how anyway!”

He did it without stabbing any toes  #:-S

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