Peppermint Swirls!

As well as a Raspberry Drop there were Peppermint Swirls in the Land of the Sweets.

The challenge – how to make leotards look like peppermint swirls – green and white ones to be precise!


I found some good quality white and  green lycra at The Fabric Warehouse. Since the main parts of the leotard were going to be mostly white I decided to line the leotards. Luckily I still had some lining in stash  🙂  

I have lots of leotard patterns draughted but of course nothing for this! Usually a plain leotard is cut on the fold. That wasn’t going to work for these as I wanted to try and create a spiral-type effect. If done on only half the front or back then cut on the fold it would create a “v” effect.
First thing to do was to draught off some full fronts and backs – in three different sizes. Because to have three dancers in the same class all the same size would be too easy, right?

Then I took those pattern pieces and drew lines on them  🙂
Lines on the front and you can faintly see the ones on the back piece below. The red marks are so I know which piece joins to which. 
Pinning the pieces together to make sure the lines meet at the side seams.
The pattern pieces cut apart and the white parts ready to cut. The other two narrow pieces will be green.
I didn’t mark seam allowances on the pattern pieces – I just judged 5-6mm by eye when I cut them out! That’s why the dots are there in place of the red lines on the pattern pieces.
Once all the pieces were all cut out it was time to begin overlocking them all together. That went well and then it was time to add the lining. The linings were the full leotard as there was no need to have them in pieces. I’d just started to zig-zag the largest size lining to the outer fabric when I went to pin the rest of the side edge together . . . and there was a, “HUH?!” moment because the lining was way longer on that side and when I checked the other side it was way shorter! Ooops something wasn’t right – somewhere along the way I’d muddled up some pieces  :-/  
You can clearly see it here in the front . . . 
. . . and the back. Hmmmm, time to figure out what went wrong.
All figured out and re-stitched. The front . . . 
. . . and the back. As usual I was so busy trying to beat the clock that I didn’t take many other photos.
Photo by Carol Baker
Here are the three Peppermint Swirls – Misses E, F, and A. I also made the white chiffon skirts. I used a different pattern than usual and it’s not as good for this type of skirt so I’ll go back to my other pattern another time.
Photo by Carol Baker
The girls wanted to do something with their skirts, and I wanted a photo of just the leotards! We didn’t manage to get one of the back of them but all in all they turned out well  🙂

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