Over the years

Ok, so that wasn’t too hard though it took me a while 🙂 In the next few posts I’m going to post some pics of work I’ve done over the years, kind of a gallery as I have no idea if I can add one. I’ve looked at the gadgets (on Blogger) and don’t see anything about creating a gallery. But then I’m not that techie!

This costume was made in about 2005. The dance teacher gave me a photo and asked if I could make them to look similar. So began a learning curve of cobbling patterns together or draughting new parts from originals. The green lycra is a full leotard, the skirts were different colours and if I recall there were around 14 in all! Modelled by Miss S who is wearing the one she danced in.
The next four photos show some samples I was asked to make for wee dancers. They were in sizes 3 – 6, tiny and sweet. Modelled by Miss L as she was about the right size 🙂
Paneled leotard with wrap skirt
With wraparound cardigan added
Top and dance pants
With a bag to carry dance gear or folder
Next is Miss L wearing a red wraparound I was asked to make quite a few of. Had Miss L just sucked a lemon?? The tutu was a bought one from the dance concert a few years ago.
A simple ballet character skirt, full circle, with ribbons for Miss L.
Shake Your Tail Feather…a group dance, for this I developed a unitard  boy-leg pattern with side seams and a gussett in the crotch so there would be no seams down the front or back. It has a little gathered cap sleeve as well. The feathers…drift off everywhere!
That’s it for this post, the family is getting restless so needs some attention. Bye for now.
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