Miss L’s First Tutu

Miss L has been dancing since she was three…though to begin with she preferred to watch rather than join in! Miss L would then do everything she had seen that week at home. As she grew so did her confidence until it came to the point where Miss L decided she would like to have a go at competition dancing. Which meant she needed a tutu! Although I’d made many little 3-layers-of-net tutus for dance concerts I’d never attempted a full on tutu with 8 or more layers of net. So began a huge learning curve as with many things I’ve been asked to make.

 Her dance teacher, Miss L-M, decided the colours and design…I then began to create. The bodice is stretch velvet. The insert is the same chiffon as the sleeves backed with pink satin to give some depth of colour. I then pleated it to give the look that was required.

The “bling” is some trim I found in a local store – Pete’s Emporium – and the heart is a different trim again.
Here is a close up of the bodice insert & “bling”.
Below you can see the bodice with sleeves attached. This is the look the teacher, Miss L-M, wanted which is a different look than most of the tutus the girls were wearing. As you can see the top layers of net are pink and there are a few diamantes around the edge.

The underneath nets of the tutu are different colours: pink, apricot and peach with the pantie to match the bottom layers of net which are pink.
Below is a picture of Miss L in her tutu…yes, we have more formal competiton ones but this is my favourite picture. 🙂
It was very much a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” tutu. I learnt a lot whilst making it and I found a wonderful forum, The Sewing Forum (TSF), which had a lot of like-minded individuals, with a special section dedicated to dance and tutus! The site also has many other sections for different types of sewing.
I could spend hours reading on TSF as there are many tips and techniques…but I usually try to be good and limit my time.
Miss L has grown and no longer fits this tutu so I’m going to be making her a new one. This time I am attempting a more traditional woven bodice. I was lucky enough to spend a day with a fellow tutu maker who was very generous in sharing her knowledge. Thanks Mrs M 🙂
In the end, after trial and error, I was happy with the result, dance teacher Miss L-M was happy…and as you can see the one who had to dance in it, Miss L…she was very happy too.
I will put Miss L’s new tutu in a future post so check back in a while if you would like to see it.
Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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