Meeting new people

The other day I was reading a blog called Lilacs & Lace that I came across a few weeks ago. I’ve really been enjoying reading old posts and gaining a lot of knowledge. As I was scrolling down past the comments I saw one by someone called the curious kiwi. Well, I must admit I was intrigued! A kiwi in this sense usually refers to a New Zealander. Not the bird or the fruit. So since I am born and bred here in NZ I wondered if she/he lived in NZ or was an ex-pat kiwi living elsewhere in the world. So I clicked on the name and found The Curious Kiwi.
I read the post and wondered what WSBN was. Looking around the blog I discovered the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network WSBN It sounded as though it would be a lot of fun to join!  😀  I do know a few people who sew and I’m a member of The Sewing Forum which I really enjoy as well. But to be a part of a community here in my own city would be fantastic! So I sent a message off and made contact.

I received a reply the same day, really quickly, and tonight I was put in contact with others in the group. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with some of the members who all sound lovely. I tend to get very enthusiastic when I talk about sewing, fabrics, notions etc. If the person I’m talking to doesn’t sew they listen politely . . . however as hard as they try “the glazed look” can appear and they get bored  :-<

I don’t blame them as there are quite a few subjects that bore me as well!

The other thing I managed to do today was to add some HTML so I can use emoticons. I found this blog that gave a very simple explanation that not-very-techie me could follow. It worked so a big  =D>  to SnowCone!

Oh! And, yes, I did do some sewing. I’m in the process of making up 33 pairs of dungarees for a dance concert. I will blog about it, but it will have to wait until the concert has been.

So it’s . . . Good morning! from me. It’s really good night as I’m about to get some sleep  :-h

I promise not to use the emoticons all the time but today I can’t resist. Thanks for visiting  🙂

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