Ducklings, Trolls and Bears!

Whew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks! I was intending to add to this blog more frequently so that I could get it up to date. Perhaps I’ll manage to this week and over Easter. I’ve just created another blog of the life and times of our family so if you’d like to know more about our doings you are welcome to visit
A Quiet Life…or maybe not? my new blog. WARNING!! If you’re expecting excitements and amazingly interesting happenings you may not get them…just the doings of our Kiwi family living day-by-day.

Anyway enough of that and on to sewing! Today I’m putting up some more photos of the concert items from 2011.
This canary coloured leotard was for the ducklings. Miss L-M (director) used music from Swan Lake..and
as she has a sense of humour and it was the littlies performing entitled the piece “Duckling Pond”. The back view shows the “tail” which was a combination of yellow and orange net and the job of these was delegated to one of the mums. Wonderful people mums! I lined the leotards with flesh-coloured lining as yellow can be quite see through and we didn’t want any bottoms (or other private bits!) showing through. In the majority of dance studios concerts are “no nickers”
Here are a couple of shots from the concert
I also made the black unitard the Prince is wearing..a take on the Black Swan from Swan Lake.
 The Prince’s mum added the fringing to the sleeves and got the wig for him to wear.
Frightened of the scary Prince!
One of the sections was called “The Enchanted Dance Land”. It was choreographed by my lovely daughter Miss S (19) who was teaching Hip Hop for Miss L-M. There were several parts to the piece and I thought she did incredibly well to put the whole piece together, including designing all the costumes for it.
The next photos show the costumes for the “Funky Trolls”  The vest is shimmery organza backed with satin to give it depth. The skirt is a combination of a lycra waistband, a stretch satin under layer and a “tulle” skirt look. However Miss S didn’t want it to be “ballet frilly” looking so I found something else that I thought would work.
Here is a close-up of the skirt frills…I’m pretty sure it is windbreak material but it gave the look that was wanted 🙂
Here is a photo of a few of the “Funky Trolls” at the concert. They really enjoyed playing the part!
The main character was “La-Rena” and Miss S had a specific idea as to the vest she was to wear. In the end I found some plain denim and Miss S decorated it by painting it with bleach to whiten it, after washing the denim to remove the dressing that all new fabric contains.
Miss S made different designs on the front and back as you can see. “La-Rena” had three friends and one of them needed a top like the one below. Again this was made as Miss S couldn’t find the look she wanted in the shops.

Here is the front of the top

And here is a view of the side/back.
There were Fairies who wore gold foil lycra with sparkle chiffon sleeves and “petals”
And these cute Elves. Little puff sleeve tops and swing skirts, and the boy elf in hat, singlet and pants.
Then there were the “Evil Creatures” who were the dark factor of the magic land. The Evil King “Lasooth” is wearing the crown. They wore their own black shirts and pants, I made hoods from a speed-skating Jalie pattern and the capes were also from the windbreak material. It was a great fabric as it was light and gave a sort of “ethereal” look as they moved which was what Miss S wanted. As you can see their faces were painted.
And this photo shows the masks that all the evil creatures wore on the back of their heads. They all got to paint their own and keep them if they so wished.

The act that brought the house down though was “Gummie Bears” to this music. These wee guys were 5 and had the audience clapping along as they performed their dance. Aren’t they just the cutest?

Well that was a marathon post for me! If you’ve made it to the end you’ve done well. All in all I think I made around 70 costumes for this concert…which kept me busy for a few weeks! Some of the photos are a bit grainy as they were taken at the show by a standard camera, but they give the general idea 🙂
Thanks for visiting 🙂

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