Dance Shorts

Something I have made a lot of through the years are dance shorts. They can vary in length from boyleg or short shorts to down-to-the-knee. The waistband belt can also vary. I have made the shorts with a straight across waistband, “v” waistband and a foldover band.

 I based the pair I made this time on this pattern above and the line drawing below.

These shorts were for Locket so I measured from her high hip to get the length she wanted. These are mid-thigh. Below are a couple of views of the shorts. This pair has a foldover waistband

The next image is a side view and not blurry!
These shorts were a size larger  than usual as Locket was going through a growth spurt. Hence they look a little loose. By the end of the year they were a firm fit.
If I want a tight fitting short I use a pattern such as the one below.
I find the Kwik Sew patterns generally fit well. Once I have made a pattern for a number of different children I can generally estimate what size a child will fit. I can also make to measure I.E. a size 12 in a size 10 length, or a size 8 in a size 12 length, as children’s bodies vary greatly.
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