Bits and pieces

I have most of the pattern cutting books by Winifred Aldrich but I’d heard a fair bit about the one by Adele Margolis so I decided to get it. Different authors and pattern makers often describe things in a slightly different way. I’ve read through a bit of it and quite like the idea of practicing with quarter scale models. I have yet to draught anything from the book though. I think I’ll spend a bit more time reading it first. The format is quite different to Winifred’s books. With Winifred’s you need a bit of background knowledge whereas if you’ve never draughted before I think you could work your way through Adele’s book learning as you go along

A while ago – well Christmas before last! – I was given a $150 Spotlight voucher. I decided that I wanted to use the bulk of it for something that would last,and I needed to spend it within a year. I used some of it to buy a light.

Mine is the same type but is a silver one. It has three levels of brightness, and a touch sensor on the arm to turn it on/off or change the level of brightness. When the days are a bit dim I have it on. It has made a big difference when I sew at night, I always have it on and move it between my sewing machine and overlocker depending on which I’m using. I was lucky enough to purchase it on sale.

Most of the rest of the money went to buy some wool. I’ve had a cardi for years that I wear in bed, when I’m sitting reading, working on the computer etc. It was gifted to me by a S-I-L. It had a lacy pattern and over the last couple of years it started to wear into holes – the lace bits were coming apart. So it’s time for a new one! This wool makes me smile when I look at it.  😀

I did discover that I needed some 3 3/4 size needles and I wanted them to match the ones I had so I took a trip in to Made on Marion to get some. I also bought about 10 metres of a lovely black satin bias ribbon as I knew I would soon be making some chiffon dance skirts. A bonus was meeting Mrs C & Mr C and having a lovely chat with them both. Mrs C is also part of the WSBN

I have begun my new cardi and have a few rows of rib for the back done. I need to get into the habit of taking it with me, and doing a few rows every day so I get it completed, hopefully this winter! 
Spare time is a pretty rare commodity around here but I’m determined I will have my warm “cardi of many colours”  🙂

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