Once upon a time a wee girl was born…about that many years ago…and as she grew she learned many things. Some of those things were how to sew and knit, a heritage passed down from grandmas and aunties. The girl continued to grow up, trained as a nurse, married and became a mother of six. Throughout this time she continued to sew, knit and crochet. As her children grew some of them began to dance…and the dance teachers discovered the mum could sew. A whole new adventure into the world of sewing began, from simple dance pants to tricky tutus.
Yes, that girl is…you guessed it…me. I have always loved to sew, knit and crochet. I have learned many things and continue to learn day-by-day.
I’ll slowly figure out how to blog so bear with me as I learn, my blog may change over time 🙂

My purpose is to share creations I have made over the years and ones I continue to make. Some folk may be interested…others would be bored to tears!

Check back if you like what you see, if this blog is not your cup of tea that is fine with me 🙂 I cannot promise to post regularly or often though I will do my best. Life in our household is busy, as it is in many others.

I’ll load one photo now to try out the process and add others as time allows. Below is a sailor suit made for Master J for a dance performance when he was about 6.

That’s it for the first post. Thank you for visiting my blog. See you again.

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