Ballet and Babies

It has been a busy week, quite a bit of activity and creativity happening here! Yesterday I had a very basic but very necessary hand sewing activity. My two youngest have both needed new ballet shoes or ballet flats as they are often referred to. Some come with the elastics sewn on, and others do not. Below are Miss L’s new ballet flats pre-elastics…

And after they have been attached.
Not all ballet shoes have two pieces of elastic on each shoe…a lot have only one piece across. I enjoy these simple hand-stitching jobs and find they can be quite therapeutic to do 🙂 These look lovely and clean and new. Give them a few weeks and they’ll be a different with a touch of grey!
More than a year ago I made a new “sling” for our old bassinette. We got this basinette from my dear mother-in-law, who passed away around 17years ago. My husband slept in it, all our 6 babies slept in it, and now the next generation is using it…my grand-daughter Miss O has outgrown it and it has been passed on to my daughter Miss S whose precious wee blessing is due in around 8 weeks! So it has a real family history attached to it…but the main fabric was a bit tired and a new one needed. Mrs S also asked for a veil for the bassinette so that was made as well.
You can see Miss O at Little O Sunshine and more a blog her mama, Mrs S, has started with all sorts of lovely different things on it. Pictures of some of my creations for Miss O will be on here before too long.
Here are a few of views of the bassinette, it has lovely turned wooden ends that screw on. When we got the bassinette it did not have the wooden pieces across each end…clever DH made those for me when I was pregnant with blessing #2 as I was a little concerned that otherwise an exuberant older brother may accidentally fold it up with baby inside!
The “sling” part baby sleeps in is quite deep and it is a good long length so baby can sleep in it for 6 months at least.. or longer as Miss O proved 🙂 I used a heavyweight calico for it and upholstery thread so it is good and strong. You can’t see in the photos but there is also a grosgrain strap that runs across the bottom in the middle and can be reached from either side. It’s purpose? To allow a tired mama or papa to reach out and gently rock baby…maybe getting a little more rest!
The veil is of a lovey muslin Mrs S and I found on a shopping expedition.
That’s it for this post. Miss L has been patiently waiting for a turn on the computer so I’ll log off and let her have a go before we head off to dance classes.
Thank you for visiting, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog 🙂

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