A Lace Top

When I delivered the dresses, lace skirt and tops to Mrs S I commented that there was quite a bit of material left, of the lace and some of the chiffon. A small piece of lining but not really enough to do anything with. You might guess where this is going  😀

Mrs S very quickly asked me to make her a top to go with the skirt! A simple top based on the dress pattern, but no ties and around hip length. I flared the side seams out slightly to allow for the extra needed to fit over the hips.

We got some more lining, slightly darker than the last one as that shade was no longer available. Mrs S also got some braid for the top.

The completed top. Lined in the body, but not the sleeves as requested. With this top I treated the two layers as one.

Trim around the sleeve edge. I had to be careful when stitching this on. It took two attempts for the first sleeve  as the lace stretched a bit. I unpicked it and then took the length for the braid from the pattern edge and then eased the lace onto it. I hand stitched it on with a metallic gold thread which blended in well.

The edge of the neck. Again handstitched.

Mrs S also asked me to make some of the leftover pink chiffon into a scarf.

The scarf is two layers thick and roll-edge hemmed on the overlocker.

I had thought Mrs S was going to Fiji earlier than she actually was and so I was able to complete both of these before she went. A happy traveler  🙂

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